Tiny PowerShell Projects is a step-wise set of challenges enabling you to go from newcomer to PoSher. In the link below, you’ll learn to write PowerShell that includes tests so you know when your solutions solves the puzzle. So, you’ll be learning PowerShell and how to test your scripts, for correctness. It also includes how to parameterize our scripts/programs so that they are flexible. Along the way, you’ll cover many core PowerShell constructs you’ll use over and over again.

The difference between a good PowerSheller and a great PowerSheller, is the number of tests you write!

Happy PowerShelling.


Here is the code repository

Check it out, try the puzzles, submit your solution to the repository via a Pull Request (PR).

Ported to PowerShell from Python

I ported this from the Manning Publications book, Tiny Python Projects, by Ken Youens-Clark.

Expanding your Skillset

I kept the PowerShell version as close to the Python as possible. This way depending on how comfortable you are with either language, you can then see how the same puzzle is solved in the other.

Learning about programming in different software languages is very useful. Each has there own approach, strengths, and weaknesses. Often there are useful ways to solve particular problems, and borrowing from other languages is very productive.

Plus, this is not confined to PowerShell and Python. You don’t need to do as deep a dive into them as you think, and there is plenty to learn from the likes of C#, F#, Clojure, or a language like Io.