This is a repost of a blog I did back in 2008, on my old, old blog. Then, I was reading Toby Segaran’s book Programming Collective Intelligence.

His book presented how to use these an algorithm like Tanimoto Coefficient to mine sites like Facebook, MovieLens, Delicious, Blogs and more.

Tanimoto similarity and distance

A method of classification based on a similarity ratio, and a derived distance function, […] “Tanimoto similarity” and “Tanimoto Distance”. The similarity ratio is equivalent to Jaccard similarity, but the distance function is not the same as Jaccard distance.

Here is the PowerShell version:

function Get-TanimotoCoefficient ($q,$t) {
    $c = $q | where {$t -eq $_}
    $c.count / ($q.count + $t.count - $c.count)

# Results

PS C:\> $list = echo shirts socks pants shoes
PS C:\> Get-TanimotoCoefficient $list (echo skirts socks shoes)

PS C:\> Get-TanimotoCoefficient $list (echo shirts socks)

PS C:\> Get-TanimotoCoefficient $list (echo socks pants hat gloves)