Pulumi and PowerShell tab completion

I’ve been using the Pulumi platform and thought it was worth investing time to create a PowerShell tab completion module. It makes it easier to use and discover in the PowerShell console.

Check it out. Plus I’m planning more posts on this new platform.


Any Code. Any Cloud. Any Team

Pulumi provides a Cloud Native Development Platform to help teams achieve maximum productivity, unify DevOps practices, and get code to the cloud faster than ever before with a consistent programming model.

Grab it Install-Module PSPulumi

If you use PowerShell, this tab completion module makes it easier to use and discover.

In Action

Install-Module PSPulumi downloads and installs the tab completion from the gallery for the Pulumi cli.

Here is how to install Pulumi.

Not published, a PowerShell script that programmatically converts the Pulumi cli and help into the PowerShell tab completion. That script automates the conversion of the cli and can be used for each new Pulumi release.