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Mediator Design Pattern in PowerShell

The Mediator Design Pattern centralizes communication, reducing dependencies & improving maintainability. Instead of direct interactions, objects use a mediator.

Let’s dive into the implementation!

ChatMediator Class: Manages user interactions and message distribution. This class keeps track of users and handles sending messages to all users except the sender.

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The ChatMediator class lets users send messages via the mediator instead of directly, simplifying interactions and decoupling architecture for better maintainability and scalability.

User Class: Represents participants in the chat. Users interact via the mediator, sending and receiving messages.

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The User class represents a chat participant with a name and a mediator reference. Users send and receive messages through the mediator, avoiding direct interaction.

This centralizes the communication, preventing direct user interaction.

New-ChatUser Function: Creates and registers new chat users using lazy initialization for the mediator.

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The New-ChatUser function ensures the mediator is created only once (lazy evaluation) and adds the new user to the chat. This approach maintains a single mediator instance, centralizing communication.

Example Usage: Creating chat users and sending messages.

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Here you see users sending messages, and we are removing a user.

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This example demonstrates creating chat users, sending a message, removing a user from the chat, and sending another message. The ChatMediator ensures messages are only sent to active users.

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The Mediator Design Pattern centralizes communication between objects, reducing direct dependencies and improving maintainability. It helps manage complex interactions in a decoupled and scalable manner.

What We Did:

  • ChatMediator: Managed interactions and message distribution
  • User: Represented participants, handling messages via the mediator
  • New-ChatUser: Created and registered users
  • Example Usage: Showcased creating users, messaging, and user removal.

By implementing this pattern in PowerShell, we showcased how to structure communication in a way that simplifies interactions and enhances system maintainability. DesignPattern Mediator PowerShell

Here is the code for the PowerShell mediator pattern: