PowerShell and Azure Functions

PowerShell Azure Functions v2 was announced and is a lot to be excited about. The new version is very much aligned with the PowerShell way of doing things and has move way past the proof of concept the first version. There are new capabilities, bindings and more.

This list also seeded the GitHub Awesome Powershell Azure Functions repo, intended as a place for “Curating the Best PowerShell Resources for Azure Functions.”

Good news, the Visual Studio Code experience for crafting PowerShell Azure Functions, debugging them locally and deploying is top shelf.


Actual PowerShell Azure Functions




Visual Studio Code

If you’re working with PowerShell AzureFunctions in code, don’t forget to enable it in the Functions extension.

via- Anthony Chu


  • azure-functions/powershell:2.0 - the latest stable 2.0 function runtime for Linux with powershell worker runtime. The Dockerfile can be found here

C# and Azure Functions