Azure announced a new way to deploy applications to Azure Functions called Run-From-Zip.

With Run-From-Zip, things are very different. There is no longer a deployment step which copies the individual files to wwwroot. Instead, you just point it to a zip file, and the zip gets mounted on wwwroot as a read-only file system.

Check out more details here.

PowerShell PSRunFromZip

The DeployRunFromZip.ps1 script simplifies several steps into a one button push operation.

.\DeployRunFromZip runfromzip-rg runfromzip

It takes the name of your zip file containing your Azure Function, the Azure Resource Group Name and Function App Name. Then it:

  1. Checks to see if your are logged into Azure
  2. Copies the zip file to your blob storage
  3. Creates a SAS token of the file uploaded
  4. Sets the WEBSITE_USE_ZIP Application Setting in the Azure Function App to the file copied blob storage

Azure takes over, mounts the zip and your app is ready.


  • You have an Azure subscription
  • Azure PowerShell is installed
  • Az CLI is installed

Already exists: A resource group named DeployGallery-rg with a Storage Account named deploygallery and a container name zips. These can also be passed in as parameters to DeployRunFromZip.ps1 if you want it pointing to another storage account.

Grab it on GitHub

Clone it from here. You’ll find the DeployRunFromZip.ps1 script, the HelloWorld PowerShell HttpTrigger code, and the zip file ready to deploy.